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Vessel Inspections & Audits

Ports around the world have become increasingly strict as regards the quality of the vessels arriving and operating in them. This is primarily to avoid sub-standard vessels calling at the ports resulting in damages to the vessel, crew, stevedores and port installations. In order to ensure that all vessels owned and operated by “K”LINE continue to maintain the high standards set by “K”LINE at all times, the Marine Division also undertakes Vessel Inspections and Audits of vessels calling Indian or other nearby ports.

Port and Terminal Investigation

Safety of life, vessel, environment, cargo and ports are the primary focus of “K”LINE India and periodically each port where “K”LINE vessels call or are expected to call are visited and the safety aspects of the port such as Depth of the Channels and at the Berths, Cargo Operations during Heavy Weather and various other aspects of Safety, Navigation and Cargo Operations are discussed with the Port authorities and / or Terminal Personnel.

Damage Prevention Activity

“K”LINE being one of the pioneers of Car Carrier Operations maintains a very High standard of Operations on Car Carriers and has a policy of ZERO DAMAGE in order to exceed the demand and expectations of all our customers who are world’s top manufacturers in the Automobile Sector. “K”LINE India Marine Division carries out Training of Stevedores and Monitoring of PCC Operations at all ports in India and Persian Gulf where “K”LINE vessels call in order to ensure ZERO DAMAGE to cargo.

Ship Recycling

“K”LINE is in the process of retiring their older vessels and replacing them with “NEW & GREEN” ships in their fleet. The older ships are being re-cycled at Alang in India. “K”LINE India Marine Division in collaboration with “K” LINE Tokyo’s Environmental Management Group personnel carries out periodical Evaluation of the Ship Re-cycling Yards in Alang and Monitoring of the Re-cycling of “K” Line ships at Alang to ensure Green Recycling Policy of “K” LINE’s Environmental Management.

Port Captaincy

Customers and their Cargo is an equally important focus area for “K”LINE and are working on a ZERO DAMAGE policy. In line with this and in order to adhere to the very high standards set by “K”LINE, the Marine Division of “K”LINE India take special care in ensuring safe and damage free operations by being present at the ports during Cargo Operations of Cargoes loaded and/or booked by “K” LINE or its worldwide subsidiary offices when the vessels are loading/discharging at Indian ports.

Service Profile

“K”LINE India has a fully functional Marine Division manned by four Master Mariners each with a backing of decades of experience at sea and ashore combined, in the Maritime field.

The Marine Division specializes in aspects of “K”LINE India which include:

Recruitment of Marine Professionals

India has a very large pool of experienced Marine Professionals. “K”LINE Marine Department specializes in sourcing and recruiting of appropriate personnel for “K”LINE’s various offices around the world.

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